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To all international Trade Union solidarity activists and friends of Palestine!
How can you run an effective Trade Union Confederation in Palestine without international solidarity and without money? Especially if you want to organize Palestinian rank and file workers in an independent grassroot movement, under occupation and colonization, without coherent and working labor legislation.This is exactly the task the independent The Palestine New Confederation of Trade Unions, or New Unions (NU) in short, has set for themselves. The answer: You can, but it is hard.

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petter-og-anne– What is particularly good about the work that New Unions do? First of all, all their activities are properly grass roots, built from the bottom up. Secondly: New Unions actively aims to counteract the divisions and factions that the Palestinian trade unions suffer so badly from. Thirdly: it is independent of political parties.
Petter Thoresen’s speach
 at the 10 years anniversary conference of Trade union friends of Palestine, Belfast, october 1. 2016. Petter is leader of Palestine Committee, Trade Union Section, Workmates Norway-Palestine.

Trade Union Solidarity – But how – This little leaflet is made to introduce you to the work of the Norwegian solidarity organization Palestine Committee, Trade Union Section, and to share our ideas of practical solidarity work, with the Trade Union Confederation PFNTU (the Palestinian New Federation of Trade Unions), or New Unions, from now on NU for short.

Workmates International Invitation

May 1 Message By The New Unions (PFNTU)

New Unions recognized as General Trade Union

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Making women visible: Women in union struggle in occupied Palestine


Solidarity is supporting the struggle, not the suffering.
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