World Social Forum Free Palestine 28 November – 1 December in Porto Alegre, Brasil

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Program of the World Social Forum Free Palestine is comprised of five large conferences, and workshops, seminars and other self-organized events* promoted by the participating organizations, around the five main themes of the Forum:
– Self-determination and right of return
– Human Rights, International Law and prosecution of war criminals
– Strategies of struggle and solidarity – boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel as an example
– For a world without walls, siege, racist discrimination and patriarchy
– Palestinian Popular Resistance and the support of social movements

The program is distributed as follows:
November 28
– Arrival and accreditation

November 29 – International Day of Solidarity with Palestine
– 9h-16h30: Conferences and self-organized activities
– 17h-20h: March of solidarity with Palestine
– 20h: WSF Free Palestine Opening Show

November 30
– Conferences and self-organized activities
– Cultural Activities

1st December
– Morning: Conferences
– Afternoon: Assembly of Social Movements
– Show Closing

* Registration of self organized events was carried out between 1st and 22nd October 2012.

Click to see the complete list with pre-registered self-organized events: