Videofilm: Gaza under angrep – «60-minute warning».

En ny film fra Al Jazeera tilbakeviser Israels påstander om at de kun angrep militære mål i Gaza i mai 2021. Bombingen førte til minst 243 døde, av dem over 100 kvinner og barn.  Du finner hele filmen her.

«In May 2021, missiles from Israeli jets struck and completely demolished four towers in Gaza – that is a fact. What was not clear was the reason for the attacks. Why were these buildings selected for destruction? Israel claimed the towers were used by Hamas, whose military wing was launching rocket attacks on Israeli towns and cities at the time. Local Palestinians in Gaza, as well as international media and political leaders, disputed this and maintained that the towers housed only businesses, residential apartments and media organisations, including Al Jazeera Media Network and American news agency The Associated Press. This film charts the story of the attacks – from the 60-minute evacuation warning to the question of the cost of rebuilding – and seeks to establish why these towers were singled out, bombed and destroyed. «

De ekte menneskene bak tallene

Publisert: 3. oktober 2021