AKULBI in English

The Norwegian Committee for Academic and Cultural boycott of the state of Israel

A-HA PLAYS IN TEL AVIV 21 JUNE. That is un-musical.

#CancelTelAvivThe Palestinians beg us to boycott Israel in order to force an end to the occupation and ensure human rights. Israeli critics such as «Boycott from within» and the musicians David Oppenheimer and Danielle Raavitzki implores A-ha to NOT play in Tel Aviv. Private letter to A-ha.

300 Palestinian children are harassed in Israeli jails. To play in Israel is to legitimise violations against International Law and the UN Convention on Children’s Rights.  Once, Israeli pop culture icons publicly criticized the occupation. What silenced them? Haaretz 7.2.18

#CancelTelAvivA leaflet handed out to the public at A-ha’s concerts in Oslo in February 2018 says:

-As a fan of A-ha you can help Palestinians by telling the band this: A-ha, irrespective of your good intentions you will be exploited by the occupant State if you perform in Israel.

A-ha flyer in English

During their Electric Summer Tour from June till the end of August A-ha will play in the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Lithouania, Latvia, Estonia, France and Denmark. Tour itinerary.

#CancelTelAviv – Don’t break the Palestinian boycott.

We also ask other musicians to state: -Why I am not playing in Israel.


AKULBI’s call for Academic and Cultural Boycott
of the state of Israel

Read the petition           Sign here (the text is in Norwegian)

Why boycott Israeli universities? (pdf, 40 pages)

Palestinian Universities under Occupation:
Report from academic delegation to Palestinian universities, April 2015.

Petition against academic cooperation with Israel
in developing petroleum technology

To assist Israel with academic expertise in petroleum technology will strengthen the strategic and economic position of the occupier at the expense of the rights of the Palestinians.

Please sign the petition (text in English below the Norwegian text)

Read our leaflet                Campaign summary up to December 2016

Appeal to participants at Oslo Urban Arena 2016

The annual urban development conference Oslo Urban Arena has chosen to invite Hila Oren from the Tel Aviv Foundation as a keynote speaker at this year’s conference. We therefore also respectfully ask you leave the conference while Oren talks. Read the appeal with signatures.

Initiated by seven Norwegian expert colleagues in the formation of the Palestinian Ministry of Planning, as a follow-up of the Oslo Accords and seven Palestinian planners – co-signed by 95 Palestinian academics and artists who live in Jaffa-Tel Aviv, or have been forcibly exiled and are refused re-entry in spite of being Israeli citizens.